Monday, April 11, 2011

Cubism meets kids forts/treehouses? Or just a bizarre adult reading structure?

"For kids AND adults- an ultra-creative, sculpture-esque lounge-fort" (Found originally at
 Just think of the pats on the back, and the resume boost you’ll receive when you tell your prospective employer that YOUR handiwork and photo submissions were featured on!
 Today’s the site kick-off of (bottle of champagne crashes against my computer….many papertowels later, typing resumes…)!
I consider myself a big kid (a big, gangly, beer-drinkin’, thirty-two year old kid). Its for that VERY reason that I’m launching “Who FORTed”? (and yes, the blog site, the “.com” and so on are copyrighted, so we’ll probably get those goofy shirts out down the road!)
Anyhow, My main small housing/cabin/shack/fort/treehouse blog and site is, but this side project is the early beginnings of a subsequent fort-related book I hope to release at some point down the road (Once I’m finished on the follow up to my indie book “Humble Homes…” (see the righthand column of THIS blog page- soon))- which is well on its way.
I’ll be posting some of my findings on this site, naturally, but I’m looking for childish, hokey, character-laden forts, hideouts, treehouses to post on- that just might serve as a creative spark for some adult oriented architectural conversions! Ya’ never know!
So….YUP, I’m looking for cool and original photos of ramshackle, down-home, forts- the hokier, the better. Wacky blanket forts, salvaged-material huts, and so on….
You can email them to kid cedar at gmail dot com- and who knows, yours just MAY make the book, down the road!
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
(ALL on here, copyright 2010)

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